🥤 We all talk about it. But do you know why plastics actually suck?

Fact 1: Plastics warm our planet.

To make plastics, we dig up fossil fuels that warm our planet (plastics make up 6% of demand for oil).

We make more plastics every year, and we dig up more fossil fuels. We now make 48x more plastic each year than in 1960. This accelerates climate change.

Key takeaway:

🌫 More plastics = more fossil fuels = more greenhouse gases.

Fact 2: Plastics linger for centuries.

Plastics rarely get recycled. They end up in nature and take centuries to decompose.

1) Only 9% of plastics get recycled. When plastics aren't recycled, they are:

  • burnt (emitting greenhouse gases),

  • thrown to landfill, or

  • end up in nature.

2) Plastics take centuries to decompose.

Plastic straws linger for 200 years.
Plastic water bottles linger for 450 years.
Plastic toothbrushes linger for 500 years.

Key takeaway:

🗑 Minimal recycling + slow decomposition = plastics linger for centuries.

Fact 3: Plastics choke our oceans.

3% of plastics end up in oceans. That's 8 million tonnes of new plastic. Each year.

Plastics choke, entangle and infect birds and marine life. This adds pressure on already endangered species.

File:Hawaiian monk seal at French Frigate Shoals 07.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal are among ~700 species affected by ocean plastics.

Key takeaway:

🌊 Plastics enter oceans + linger for centuries = plastics accumulate in oceans = more damage to marine life

What you can do

  1. Demand action
    Join 45,000+ Australians demanding a ban on single-use plastics.
    Take 1 minute to demand action here.

  2. Get involved
    Join or create a clean up event.
    Get involved here.

  3. Reduce plastic waste
    Avoid plastics. Or buy recycled.
    Switch to plastic-free and recycled products to reduce plastic waste.

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