Sustainable business, every day

At Zenko, we believe in building better spaces, inside and outside your work.
We do this by helping you reduce your environmental footprint by buying better products.
Join us, to leave our world in better nick than we found it.

Sustainable office supplies. All in one place.

We’ve made finding sustainable office supplies easy, so you can save time & buy with confidence. Swap your boring office staples with products that make a difference, all while supporting Aussie businesses doing good for the planet.

For businesses who want to be better.

It’s not just about being sustainable, it’s about being better. Happy internal environments create happy employees who make happy businesses. And we’re just happy to be involved.

Because you’ve got more important things to do.

We know you don’t have the time to look into why compostable is or isn’t better than biodegradable. That’s why we’ve looked into every item you’ll find here, from what materials are used to where it ends up.

We're passionate about leaving the world a better place

Find out what drives our mission to leave a positive impact on the world.

Our Mission & Values

We're here to protect our greatest workspace, our planet.

We believe that finding lasting solutions to the world’s environmental problems starts with simple changes.

Our Team

Meet the people behind zenko.

We believe in using business to create good in the world & are ready to get knee deep.