our mission is to protect our planet by helping workplaces be more sustainable, everyday

Protect our greatest workspace

We believe in improving our surroundings inside and outside the office. The planet is the only workspace the human race has ever known & it’s our responsibility to take care of it.

All the products you’ll find here look to one simple goal, to leave the world in better nick than we found it.

Small changes in a big way

We believe that finding lasting solutions to the world’s environmental problems starts with simple changes. By creating internal workspaces filled with products good for the planet, businesses can inspire collective action inside and outside of work.  

Open conversation with you

You, the community, are our biggest asset & we want to hear straight from you. From the challenges you face day-to-day to why sustainability is important to your business. This is a challenge we take on together.


Our values reflect who we are as individuals - people who believe in using business to create good in the world & are ready to get knee deep.

Change starts here

Progress starts when we choose to take action. Be the one who makes the first move.

See obstacles as opportunities

Every obstacle you encounter presents an opportunity to reach new heights.

Ask for a hand

In everything we do, we are more powerful together.

Keep only the good stuff

Clarity leads to action. So aim to simplify, always.