Whiteboard Marker Eco Bullet Multi-Colour 4 Pack



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  • Whiteboard markers
  • 4 pack: black, green, red, blue
  • Cap can be left off for up to 48 hours without drying out
  • Bullet nib with a 2mm line width
  • Made from 78% recycled material

Sustainability Guide

Made from

Recycled content

Made from recycled plastic. Recycled plastic helps reduce emissions because it needs fewer resources and less energy to make it.

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About Artline

For nearly 50 years, Artline has made it their mission to make the world flow better for creatives and businesses alike. The attention to detail and precision of their work ethic, just like their pens, are always turning new pages. The introduction of their Eco-Green products reflect the innovation and imagination the brand continue to explore for the better of our planet. All products are environmentally friendly and manufactured responsibly.

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