Dishwash Tablets 42 Pack



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  • Cleans dishes by removing food residue and stains, cutting through grease and neutralising odours
  • 42 tablets
  • Dissolvable wrapper
  • Locally sourced, plant and mineral based formula
  • No phosphates

Sustainability Guide

Made from

No toxic chemicals

Made with no toxic or harsh chemicals. Many cleaning products use toxic chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When these chemicals are rinsed down the drain, they can contaminate oceans & rivers and damages wildlife & ecosystems.

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Packed in

No plastic

This product isn't packed with plastic, helping you reduce single-use plastic waste.

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About Earth Choice

Part of the Natures Organic family, Earth Choice proudly showcase their non-toxic, plant-based suite of cleaning products. Earth Choice products are grey water and septic safe, CCF accredited, use 100% recycled and recyclable plastic in the packaging to ensure you can clean without costing the Earth.

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