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  • 1L volume lunch box with a fill line at 750ml mark (which is a standard takeaway size)
  • Pack of 5
  • Made from food grade recycled plastic (rPET)
  • Made and designed in Australia

Sustainability Guide

Made from

Recycled content

Made from recycled plastic. Recycled plastic helps reduce emissions because it needs fewer resources and less energy to make it.

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Made in Australia

This product is made in Australia. This means that it supports local jobs and reduces emissions from transportation.

About Replated

RePlated is on a mission to eliminate single-use takeout containers at work or home, replacing them with beautiful Australian-made recycled food containers that your local takeaway is happy to use, again and again. For the last two years, RePlated have been creating the most convenient and environmentally-friendly containers possible. They’re good-looking, made from recycled plastic, and manufactured here in Australia. You only have to use them fifteen times before they’re better than a compostable container.

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