Compostable Coffee Pods Sample Pack (60 Capsules)

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Includes: 60 Nespresso® compatible capsules

All pods are certified compostable and biodegradable (to AS 4736). Pods made from 100% plant-based materials, lids and all. Completely free of aluminium

Sustainability Guide

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Most plastics are made from fossil fuels. But bioplastics are made from plants. By avoiding fossil fuels, bioplastics reduce carbon emissions.

Explore more bioplastic products here

Other good stuff

Gives back

Tripod Coffee gives back by donating 1% of their profits to restore the Daintree Rainforest through Rainforest Rescue.

Learn more about this here

Product Comparison

We know that price is really important, and it can be hard to choose environmentally-friendly products when they're not affordable.

The great news is, with Tripod Coffee pods, you can do good without spending more money!

We've compared the cost & sustainability of this product with similar alternatives to help make the decision easy for you.

Who said sustainability has to be more expensive?

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