Envelope 100% Recycled DL 110x220mm - 100 Pack



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  • 100 peel & seal envelopes
  • 110 x 220mm, ideal for mailing A4 paper
  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • Sustainably sourced from Australian Forestry Standards certified sources
  • Made in Australia

Sustainability Guide

Made from

Recycled content

Recycled paper avoids cutting down new trees. By re-using existing materials, recycled paper lowers emissions.

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Packed in

No plastic

This product isn't packed with plastic, helping you reduce single-use plastic waste.

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Other good stuff

Made in Australia

This product is made in Australia. This means that it supports local jobs and reduces emissions from transportation.

About Tudor

Tudor have been producing high quality Australian stationery for years and in 2006, introduced Tudor eco to provide environmentally conscious consumers and organisations with the option of choosing ecologically friendly office products. The sustainable range of products are composed of 100% recycled fibre paper and 100% recycled board covers.

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